Intersea paslaugos - pradžia

Evaluation and Analysis

Interior design begins at the earliest construction, reconstruction or repair phase.

. . .

Using our professional experience as well as taking the structure and the environmental context into account we can offer the best solutions and make timely adjustments in the construction and installation works.

Sometimes even the selection of the window frame design can be a good start of work.

Intersea paslaugos - moodai

Interior Concept

The question we face every time, and the simple answer: yes, the interior is always created individually.

. . .

A lot of attention is dedicated to the client, the purification of his wishes and the discovery of his distinctive style. We need to know and understand You so that the interior reflects Your personality and view of the environment.

Several expressive ideas and a couple of subtle details form the character of the interior. Integrity and harmonious rhythm follows during the whole creative process.

Intersea paslaugos - parinkimas

Product Selection

The pleasant time of searching, when a unique interior is born.

. . .

Some items instantly become alive in Your space. Others need more time to be found and checked if they complement each other.

Using our experience we select only high-quality interior products and strictly appreciate durability of materials. While developing a fulfilled interior we distribute our attention evenly amongst the large elements and the fine details.

Sometimes unexpected combinations create lasting impressions and inspire courageous decisions.

Intersea paslaugos - breziniai

technical Part – drawings

Construction and technical drawings are prepared only after selecting the most of interior products.

. . .

It is necessary to design kitchen and other large furniture, select specific sanitaryware products as well as to take the specific lighting into account and balance everything together.

The prepared drawings are extremely accurate, design vision is matched to the actual technical possibilities as we constantly consult with specialists of engineering and other areas.

We present you with a complete set of plans and technical drawings to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Intersea paslaugos - vizualizacijos


Once you get the first look at the future interior, a wish to settle in is born.

. . .

Realistic visualizations show the final result in advance and become a guarantee that the interior is going to be as you imagine it. Knowing is calming and allows more productive work.

Intersea paslaugos - prieziura


A lot of questions often arise during the time of construction and installations, which we are able to resolve promptly.

. . .

Collaborating directly with the building contractors, we are able to effectively communicate in advance how exactly the process should be executed. We closely monitor the process of construction and its accuracy saving Your time and possible additional costs.

Close collaboration from the first to the last phase of the project ensures it is fulfilled flawlessly.