Luxurious House Interior in Klaipeda

Location: Klaipeda
Area: 183 m2

Precise design and quality are among the most important measures of the interior. The subtle herringbone parquet, the fireplace with classic shapes and high-end furniture were carefully selected. Adjustable luminaire system integrated into the ceiling, incorporating diffused and spot lighting, makes it easy to alternate between a dim and bright atmosphere.

Distinctive warm and cozy metal façade was selected for the kitchen furniture. The delicate fine forms subtly play with a transparent and light dining table luminaire. The balance of light and dark colors creates a harmonious whole.

The white and static marble motif staircase naturally blends into the seamless space. Lightweight glass railings framed by ultra-thin metal handrails emphasize the graceful lines.

Cozy, deep coloration prevails in the bedroom, a dark wall with diagonal wood texture separates the bathroom and the wardrobe, while translucent and lightweight sliding doors connects them into a continuous space.

Carefully selected and harmonized interior details create an exclusive environment that is sublime in its refined elegance.